Edinburgh Tournament

It was close but no cigar at the Edinburgh tournament at the weekend. After six long years the team pulled off a surprise win against Dundee and Perth on Saturday to send them to the final.

Awaiting them in the final was a very good Edinburgh side so it was always going to be a tough match. The first chukka the Edinburgh team got off to a flyer helped along by some penalties. The rest of the match was equally hard fought with the Edinburgh team putting in an excellent performance to win.

Not a bad first outing. Lessons have been learned and now the team is eagerly looking forward to the Border Reivers tournament in June.

Frostbite League

We have reached the half way point of the Frostbite League and seen some excellent matches.  Not Fast, Just Furious have really dominated the league so far with team captain Fabienne Renfrew proving very quick on the ball.  Ably back up by her teammates they have been the team to beat.

We look forward to rest of the games to see who comes out on top but at the moment Not Fast, Just Furious look difficult to beat.